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you're · the · kind · of · girl · i · like, · because · you're · empty · and · i'm · empty

i am in a major slump today. maybe it's because for the past few…

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i am in a major slump today. maybe it's because for the past few months, at this time, i would be djing my radio show. i miss it. so far i have watched really horrible tv, burned a tv dinner in the microwave (like how i can bake and cook from scratch, but instant food is a disaster in my hands?), and searched for chanel logo flats and a new marc by marc jacobs tote. browsing for items i know i can't afford sort of fills this void i have been experiencing since i got here. thank the heavens above that i don't have a credit card in my possession, because who knows what i would be doing with it under this stress. one things for sure, i need me a macbook. pronto.

last night, amy hart and i cory kennedy-ed the hell out of downtown. perhaps only some of you will get that reference. it's alright, we didn't party that hard. it mainly consisted of bars that charged cover (what?), so we ended up in a divey shithole where they gave us two whiskey sours on the house, and then ended up back at a friend's house where she concocted whiskey sours in a one gallon milk jug that we toted around town on foot. we parked on a bench and talked about millions of things that at the time blew my mind, but now looking back, i am just so amazed how small this town is and how everyone really does know everyone. back downtown, amy had her ass grabbed by some guy and i shooed him off like a good friend would, and amy was kind enough to purchase breakfast foods for all three of us. being a paranoid girl that i am, i felt nervous slipping in at 4am, just hoping to not be caught by my mother, when i was struck with the realization that I AM 23 NOW, so i went to bed and woke up extrememly discheveled.

i'm not bragging about my partying ways, but it did feel nice to get out of the valley (so weirdly isolated that it is, especially when your normal form of transportation is your feet, bike, best bus system in the country (pdx, not spokane!), and so having the ability to leave my mother's house to hang out with people my age was amazing and made me a little more hopeful about spokane. i have the itch to leave today, but the buses probably stopped running already, and my old work was so kind to have forgot about sending my last paycheck.

tomorrow i find out if i am employed at the rocket. cross those fingers, please!

hey, it seems to work for everyone else.


might as well try it out!
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On July 19th, 2007 02:53 am (UTC), starmiranda commented:
i missed my bus tonight & had to wait a half hour at the bus plaza. that place is so freaky. dudes always come up to me & are like "when does the bus come?" & i'm like "dude, there's a screen right inside the door." JEBUS! heh. xxoo
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On July 19th, 2007 05:18 am (UTC), triptothemoon replied:
yeah. i really hate that!
i'm sorry!
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