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1) Does anyone know if it's true about the new Macbook coming with a…

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1) Does anyone know if it's true about the new Macbook coming with a free Ipod? I am far too lazy to look right now, but I heard that's true. Does Spokane have an actual Apple store? Or is it just a place that sells computers/electronics?

2) I went to the library yesterday and talked to my librarian friend there about starting a zine shelf. She said it was a wonderful idea, and that she will bring it up at the next meeting. Hopefully it works out, because growing up, I would have loved to get zines at the library, and I have so many to donate/know so many people that can donate. At least I trying to keep busy with projects.

3)Next up, trying to see if I can consign some of my sewing projects to my favorite downtown gift shop. Hopefully! This will probably wait until I am settled into my own place so I can actually work on these projects!

The funeral was today. I didn't start really crying until my older brother put his arm around me and started crying/asked me if I was ok and let me cry on him. Growing up we were pretty close, but he was never the emotional type. I was overly emotional, and was usually picked on by him or my dad for crying. It was strange to see him showing pain because he has always kept it deep down. They had a military style burial because my grandma served as a nurse in the army and even spent much of that time in Tokyo. I found out all these things about her that I never knew when she was alive. It was good to hear, but made me sad that it took something like her passing for me to find out. I think I am doing ok, aside from being stressed and feeling rather ill from all the food we have been eating lately. It's so nice going from not having food in my apartment, to this, but I'm about done with food being every single where I look. I saw the rest of my family (mostly my mom's cousins and uncles/aunts) and most didn't remember me. My family is rather large, but nobody comes together unless someone marries or passes away.

I also feel guilty for thinking about myself and how upset I am over Nikk. I called him when I got home, and to my surprise he was there. I guess he needs time, but I am just so upset that he didn't show any sign of concern. Thankfully I have amazing friends all over the world who have been there for me. Thank you all for that.

The next order of business is to find out when I start work and to call around to price apartments.

4)I would really like to see you Spokane kids. I know we are all very busy, and I completely understand. I just felt like putting it out there, and if you would like to get together, I would love to try and plan something.
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On July 19th, 2007 10:41 pm (UTC), starmiranda commented:
If you buy the Macbook online, I know that it comes with a free Nano!
& The zine shelf would be great!
& I'm sorry about your grandma, my dear. Love to you. xxoo
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On July 20th, 2007 05:34 am (UTC), triptothemoon replied:
awesome! that's good, because my nano is completely dead!
and hopefully the zine shelf works out. we can talk about it soon!
thanks dear! <3

also, which HP book release party are you going to, if you decide to go?
On July 20th, 2007 04:21 pm (UTC), starmiranda replied:
mikey & i ordered my computer last night & we did get the free nano, but you do have to pay for it at the time & then you send in a rebate and get your money back. so it's not free at the time.

& i actually preordered the book so that it will arrive tomorrow. i would go to a party but i have a lame family reunion i have to go to both nights. oh well. at least i'm getting the book. yay!

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