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Thankfully Saucebox sent my last paycheck. They had lied and told me…

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Thankfully Saucebox sent my last paycheck. They had lied and told me they mailed it out the 5th, but when I got it today (the 19th), it said it been sent out the 17th. How aggravating! But thankfully with that check and the security deposit I just got back from my old apartment, I am no longer completely broke. I went out today and bought some new things to wear to work (I start this Wednesday!) and took myself out to lunch. I also bought the following, which has improved my life almost 100% again:

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which I watched in my mother's bedroom while eating a Crunch Wrap Supreme. Hey, I deserve a little down time after all this depressing stuff that's been going on. A little retail therapy, junk food, and hip television did just the trick. It also didn't hurt that I bought new makeup and some polaroid film. After this weekend though, I am going back to not eating fast food, walking more, and probably back to vegetarian. Yay!

Tomorrow is the Harry Potter release party. For all of you in Spokane, I think some of us are going to the movie at 8pm at Northtown and then hanging around the Barnes and Noble until midnight! Let me know if you plan on going!
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